The Elite Gut Company


"The Elite Gut Company" is a new company created by a a businessman in NYC (originally from upstate) whom also a conservationist, hunter and outdoorsman.

He found it hard to source soy-free and grass-fed foods (in ANY grocery store, let alone at decent prices) for his parents living upstate. Through over 20 years of building utility and related service businesses, he existed in perfect operational position to start a successful company that relied on strong systems and good partnerships; He also had many farmer-friends with established grocery distribution channels ready to expand.

We will need at least 500 customers to signup for our new service in order for us to make the investment in launching the new business. Sign up today! If for whatever reason we don't get enough signups, we'll delete your information and notify you.

Once we start, Elite Gut Company Customer Care will answer customer care calls within 15 seconds Monday through Friday, 09:30am ET - 5:30pm ET.

Gotham X, Inc. dba The Elite Gut Company
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Customer Care: 877-468-4260
Fax: 212-859-7321

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