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Frequently Asked Questions

What exact services do you offer?
- Today: Certified Organic Soy-Feed-Free Eggs as a standardized monthly pickup service.
- Today: Certified Organic A2=A2 cream on top Grass Fed Milk as a standardized monthly pickup service.
- Q3 2020: Certified Organic A2=A2 Grass Fed yogurt, keifer, & flavored milk as a standardized monthly service.
- Q3 2020: True WHEAT FREE FLOUR (the greatest secret of the 21st century) as a standardized monthly service.
Note: Each one of the above products is already in production with some or all of our farmer vendors.

The fancy supermarket in town sells "Pasture Raised Eggs." Are these soy free?
No. They are Soy-Fed, We've checked every one we know of (also if they were soy-free they would advertise this expensive attribute).

If eggs in the store say, "100% Vegetarian Feed" does that mean Soy-free?
No. It means they're fed soy.

If not Soy then what exactly are your farmers' chickens fed?
The feed contains a blend of corn, peas, sunflower, flax, and fish meal. The protein comes from the flax and fish meal. Birds are being kept in doors during the winter months but there is no difference in the feed ration. They just eat less during the warmer months because then they eat whatever they can forage for during the day ie. grass, bugs worms, but feed is made available to them as well.

How long have "all the grocery store chickens" been fed soy?
We're looking for a study right now but it is our understanding from our farmers that "Soy has been part of the Asian diet for thousands of years. It wasn't until 1960 when it was introduced into the American diet." And now in addition to the evils of soy, nearly all of it is GMO which adds several other layers of concern.

The eggs I buy today are from chickens fed "Non-GMO Soy." Is this ok?
No, it's soy. Organic Non-GMO Soy is full of estrogen. Do you want to feed your boys and girls estrogen? Organic Non-GMO Soy also contains trypsin inhibitors that make it hard to digest the food you eat. And of course Organic Non-GMO Soy contains phytates which make it hard for your body to absorb minerals, and oxalates that cause kidney stones. And much more.

Do you have long-term contracts?
No. Our service is month-to-month. You may leave at any time but we hope you'll stay.

Do you have any hidden fees?

How do I contact you?
877-468-4260 x. 3183 for the project manager himself, or email

Are you going to charge my credit card?
Yes, before each delivery, as long as you remain a customer (cancel at any time), for exactly that single delivery.

Will we eventually consider an "on your honor" pick system from a central refridgerated location?
Yes. We might try it. No sale needs to be made there, your card will have already been charged. Technically it's absolutely possible.

Can I change the quantity of my order?
Yes for each delivery, up to 48 hours before pickup. For now you must call us to make this change but eventually we'll add it to the login portal.

I am a farmer that sells Certifed Organic eggs with no soy feed. Can I be a supplier?
Yes, if you meet the standards. Contact us. There is a waiting list.

Can my restaurant order a lot of eggs and then resell them?
Yes. It can be a great marketing tool for your restaurant. The margins are thin, and the price point is low, and we are desirous of giving our residential cusotmers the best deal possible, so unless you're buying over 500 dozen per week there is no discount currently for the small business customer.

Is this the best price you can do??
Our farmers sell these Exact-Same eggs in NYC at $7.50 per dozen (in Eataly for example) All-Day-Long. We're doing our best to keep the price as low as we can. Our gross profit is tiny, and especially since we're paying for shipping. Our hope is many people will use the service and we'll make money on our grass-fed cheese and milk which we will be adding soon.

How do I signup for monthly egg delivery?
It takes less than 5 minutes. Click here.

Where are you located?
NYC, NY. We are owned by an investor whom also a conservationist. He has relationships with Amish farmers and desires to bring real-food to the rest of America as he's doing it right now for his family anyway. This is a business, and also something that should do-good. Can we not do both? Be both? Indeed we can.

Will you ship internationally?
No but soon yes! The UPU ( rules are changing. Please email us at with your name and country and we'll let you know as soon as we start shipping residential eggs internationally.

Where will you offer service?
We will ship anywhere in the continental United States (call us if you want us to try a different location). Separately, we offer wholesale delivery and distribution anywhere on the east coast (specializing in NYC, Hunt's Point, and NJ ports for international shipping), two midwest warehouses, and one southern California warehouse from which we can deliver to you.

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